When Creatives Meet

An after-hours gathering for skill-seekers expanding their creative knowledge and expertise.

The Concept

What started out as a simple idea, conceived in a small studio at an even smaller conference table, soon became a thriving, monthly event where creatives of all backgrounds could convene to learn about a skill from industry experts.

The Creation

To curate an original experience, we reached out to the furthest corners of the creative community, approaching denim professionals, screen printing champions, hand-lettering gurus, latte art masters and illustration geniuses – just to name a few.

The Creatives

Curating an educational, creative event can be a difficult undertaking, but our presenters combine trailblazing teaching styles and expert craftsmanship to represent a disposition unique to Night School, one that embraces both originality and ingenuity.


On the first Tuesday of every month, our primary objective is to respect these arts, not only as skills, but as legitimate businesses that contribute to our community.

Building Community

October 2018

Jabee is talking to the class about coming together with our differences, gifts, talents, and dreams to accomplish a common goal, building a foundation using the people and places around us. Music, Art, Business, and Food are all communities we take part in, merging them is the fun and creative part. What’s important to our community and how can we uplift each other using our differences while maintaining our identity.

Creating Confidence

May 2018

Hannah Royce, Founder of Confidence Con + Chief Creative for HRCO, talks to the class about creating confidence in yourself, your business, and most importantly, your community.

Slab Ceramics

March 2018

Local artist, CeCe Otero, is talking to the class about the art of slab ceramics, a hand-built process to creating ceramic ware, functional or nonfunctional. Unlike wheel thrown ceramics, it allows for more manipulation and dynamic shapes. It is a simple process comparatively to wheel throw work but the barrier to entry is lower and can be appreciated by all skill levels.

Company Culture

February 2018

Anthony Dobey, Chief Cultural Office for 84 Hospitality Group, talks to the class about company culture. 84 Hospitality Group is a team of visionaries, establishing concepts such as Empire Slice House, Goro Ramen, Revolucion, and their latest addition, Ponyboy.

Details of Design

January 2018

Designer Autumn O'Feery talks to the class about her impactful work as a member of the design team at Nominee, specifically focusing on her design process, inspiration, and the details of several of her high-profile projects including the T Room branding for the Jones Assembly, custom collateral for Nextep, and other current work.

Modern Wedding Photography

December 2017

Speaker Rachel Waters is the co-founder of Honest + Kind, a collective made up of artists whose goal is to create authentic, bold events inspired by the folks they collaborate with. Rachel is talking to the class about staying true to yourself in your art, igniting your creative fire, being bold + honest, and snapping modern wedding photography which she beautifully captures for her clients.


November 2017

Desiree Yearby aka Dezzgotsteeze talks to the class about the history of hip-hop in Oklahoma and how we can improve the scene + how she personally works on making it better.

Drones 101

October 2017

Nick Brown, CEO of Dronebois, tells about how he got started, his team's work, and the technical ins and outs of drone photography and videography. Food courtesy of Texadelphia, a Social Order Dining Collective concept.

Digital Illustration

September 2017

Sam Washburn, illustrator and graphic designer, will be teaching a course on his patent-pending digital collage illustration technique. Sam produces retro-styled illustrations that combine traditional drawing and painting techniques with Photoshop magic and good old design know-how. Along with technique, Sam will cover how he learned illustration, broke into the field, and other useful tips and tricks for becoming an image maker.

Shop Good

August 2017

Shop Good owners, Justin & Audrey Falk, tell about starting their shop as a side hustle before growing it into the popular mom and pop storefront that it is today. They’ll also talk about what it takes to design, price, describe and sell a product; nail the packaging; and approach a retailer about carrying your products.

Art Show Curation

July 2017

James Nghiem, curator of A Very Wes Anderson Art Show and Hardboiled Space Boogie: A Cowboy Bebop Art Show, talks to the class about curating unique art shows and how these concepts came together.

The Art of Writing

June 2017

Moose Tyler, educator and writer, brings her vast creative writing knowledge to the class for an enlightening night of wordsmithery.


May 2017

Nathan Poppe, Entertainment Editor at The Oklahoman & house photographer for The Criterion, tells about storytelling through various mediums - including photography, videography, and writing.

Product Photography

April 2017

Corey Robinson, photographer at CoreyDavid.com and creator of Goodlamp.Co, shares his creative process along with the technical ins and out of camera and lighting setup, the tethering process, and post production/retouching.

Street Art

March 2017

Plaza Walls co-curator, Kris Kanaly, will speak on the topic of street art and how the Plaza Walls project grew out of a need for a safe space for street artists to paint. Participants will also have a chance to try their hand at tagging.


February 2017

Kathleen Patterson (From Atlas On) teaches the class about knotting, dyeing, and weaving yarn to make intricate macrame art before guiding participants through a hands-on project.

Leather Working

January 2017

The Chalet Woodshop shows the class their leather working process through a hands-on project and demonstration.

Screen Printing

December 2016

A step-by-step workshop featuring the talented folks from The Okay See (located off-site at their Film Row location).

Latte Art

November 2016

A workshop educating participants on the wizardry behind Cafe Evoke's latte making process.

Denim Repair

October 2016

Caleb Arter and Jacob Peregrin (Blue Seven) show the class both machine and hand repair using the sashiko technique.


July 2016

Sean Ferguson and Scott Hill show participants illustration techniques.

Hand Lettering

June 2016

Natalie Kent and Christian Robinson (Nominee Design) show participants the art of hand lettering using a step-by-step guide while showing the class examples of other lettering experts' work.